To do so, we recommend using one of the best VPNs for torrenting to keep your connection private. When you download a torrent, you aren’t downloading the whole file from a specific server. Instead, you’re download the file bit by bit from many other people who have the same file. BitTorrent maintains its client uTorrent and provides features such as scheduling downloads, small size, running on web browsers, etc. It has been existing around since 2005 and is used by clients across the globe. A VPN increases your torrent download speeds by preventing your ISP from throttling your download speeds.

Here, you should, first of all, make sure that your VPN is disconnected while downloading torrents. A VPN or proxy will substantially slow down your download speed. There are a couple of things you can check to see if your download speed is being slowed. It’s easy to adjust your uTorrent settings to maximize download speeds.

uTorrent torrent client review

You can download torrents from the Internet using uTorrent Web, a torrent client that runs in your browser. Compared to other popular torrent clients now available in the market, uTorrent’s enhanced experience is unique. BitTorrent trackers, which are essentially searchable websites that index torrents uploaded by users. Users can download the small torrent file, which your torrent client uses to find other users uploading and downloading the same content. The most popular torrents on ThePirateBay and KickassTorrents are probably the ones being most closely monitored by copyright trolls.

  • With uTorrent Web, all downloads happen in your browser, which is the main distinction between it and regular uTorrent.
  • To do so, simply download the torrent onto your VM, use VirusTotal to scan the file, and if VirusTotal gives it the all-clear, then run the file in the VM to make sure it is ok.
  • For most of the option you can stick with the default settings so the learning curve isn’t bad.
  • It’s also worth noting that it is not good speed practice to queue up several torrents at once.

First, it runs in the browser’s background, and second, it can collect and change data. As mentioned in the previous section, the Safe Torrent Scanner comes with µTorrent Web Online torrent downloader . Also, encrypting your connection details and your location is another useful tip you should follow.

This means your network is blocking torrent files, or is blocking your outgoing port. To check this, try downloading a Featured Content torrent on another network. To fix this, tap on Menu, then Settings, then Incoming TCP Port in our app.

How to delete uTorrent leftovers From Windows PC using Registry editor?

The torrent client offers features like a built-in search engine, magnet links, media player, import files from iTunes, and many other features. The information on the screen is shown in a neat and clean manner, even the client uses charts to display information that can be easy for the user to understand. You can join different channels using this client which already has seeders and peers to share files. Other than this you also get features like filters, DHT, torrent search, bandwidth control, and UPnP.

Using the most reliable uTorrent version:

Keeping your antivirus software up to date will take care of Trojans, ransomware, and other types of malware. As mentioned earlier, while uTorrent is a legal software made by a known company the torrents that you may find across the internet may not be legal. Sharing illegal and copyrighted files, games, and software is known as piracy and is regulated by law across the world. The uTorrent can’t recognize malware in a torrent, but when you choose to download some files, you can choose what content of the torrent you’ll download.

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