In Regina’s attention, Cady is “very lucky to get the Plastics,” to aid her of “public suicide”

Regina and you will Cady start to become best friends beforehand of one’s film, since that time Regina encourages Cady into the dining table of one’s Plastic materials. Regina encourages Cady for the table, shortly after rescuing the girl about sleazy Jason. Regina failed to discover the girl, but she imagine Cady is actually really pretty, that has been seem to their determination for appealing Cady into clique.

ian had in past times informed Cady one to she is a “controls hottie” and you will a “little slice.” Regina chooses to create Cady one of several Plastic materials in order that Cady will be below the girl manage and develop Cady wouldn’t getting battle (or harm Regina’s prominence status in any most other method). Cady actually starts to remember the girl because a type and you can nice girl, defending her when Damian and you may Janis tell Cady never to hang aside together with her since the she is evil.

Gretchen says to Cady of Aaron and you may Regina’s past matchmaking, and you will says to their you to definitely exes are out of-restrictions to many other people in new network

Cady develops a beneficial crush on Aaron Samuels and she says to Gretchen Wieners and you may Karen Smith about this, unaware one to Aaron is actually Regina’s ex boyfriend-sweetheart. Gretchen and you can Karen pledge to store Cady’s demand for Aaron a miracle away from Regina.

Later, Regina calls Cady and you may tells their that Gretchen told her Cady’s nothing secret. Regina claims this lady has nothing wrong with it, and you will volunteers to speak with Aaron on her. On Halloween night, Cady spots this lady speaking-to Aaron and you will believes one to Regina is starting just what she promised. This enrages Cady adequate to agree with a strategy from Janis to sabotage Regina’s lifetime.

Then, correct within eyeshot out of Cady, Regina brings Aaron inside and you may makes out that have him, next requires him right back once the her sweetheart

Regina informs this new Plastic materials you to she desires eradicate three pounds, therefore Cady provides Kalteen Taverns so you’re able to the lady (which can be loaded with calories and you can intended for quick putting on weight, however, whoever nourishment label is created from inside the Swedish) in order to wreck Regina’s profile, stating he could be low-carbs fat reduction taverns with a separate algorithm you to definitely melts weight. Cady and you will Damian try to keeps Aaron discover Regina cheat which have Shane Oman on projection place above the auditorium but they are not successful. At some point, “Term Vomit” contains the good Cady and she says to Aaron you to definitely Regina is cheat for the your. This leads to Aaron to split with Regina, no matter if he discusses to own Cady from the claiming a man to your basketball people informed your. When Regina looks for the sweatpants towards the 1 day whenever sweatpants is banned at Plastics’ desk, Gretchen and Karen share with the woman this woman is banned to sit with them. Regina demonstrates that sweatpants are all that fits their today, once the she’s gathered really weight, however, Karen and you can Gretchen, having been banned in the table from the Regina before, do not proper care. Tension was gathering inside Karen and you will Gretchen to own an excellent when you’re as the Cady and Janis’s plan had going.

Cady becomes the new Queen Bee, since the Gretchen and you can Karen seemingly become destroyed versus a frontrunner. Gretchen and you will Karen pry Cady to your with a tiny get-with her while her mothers try out-of-town, and therefore becomes an enormous domestic cluster up against the woman will. Cady tries to seduce Aaron into the group, however, this woman is inebriated and you may ends up nausea towards the him. Regina notices so it. Janis tells Cady one to she’s don’t pretending getting a plastic material, but indeed has been vinyl. After, Regina are advised the truth about Kalteen Pubs ??by the Shane, once the Advisor Carr brings those individuals with the college student athletes when he desires them to gain weight. At this point, Regina finds out Cady are sabotaging the girl and you can decides to take down the rest around three Plastics.

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