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Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms Plot

A couple tries to shield their young boy, Liu Kang, from Tarkatans sent to stop him from realizing his destiny of destroying Shao Kahn. They dismember the father and mortally injure the mother before preparing to devour Liu Kang, but Lord Raiden intervenes and kills them all. Before passing away, the dying mother requests Raiden to remind their son that he was loved by his parents, and Raiden departs with Liu Kang to prepare him for his mission.

Shao Kahn launches war on Earthrealm in vengeance for Shang Tsung’s defeat in a new Mortal Kombat tournament set in Outworld, following the events of the previous Mortal Kombat tournament. The Emperor’s first wave Outworld invasion force lays siege to the Wuxi monastery, but they are repulsed by Kung Lao and Special Forces cybernetically augmented Jackson Briggs and NYPD officer Kurtis Stryker. The Outworld commanders are met by movie star Johnny Cage and Jax’s partner Sonya Blade at the start of their invasion.

As discussions fail, Cage and Blade join forces to stymie Liu Kang and Raiden’s invading force. Kahn then emerges, imploring Raiden to partake in a final Mortal Kombat tournament to decide the fate of their world once and for all. The thundergod accepts, and he travels to the realm of his overseers, the Elder Gods, to pledge his allegiance to this final battle.

Meanwhile, Scorpion reawakens in the Netherrealm after dying a second time on Shang Tsung’s island, just as preparations for the final tournament are being made. The Elder God Shinnok, enraged at the loss of his favorite servant Quan Chi, confronts him. Scorpion’s arrival into Earthrealm is engineered by Shinnok in the intention of using the key embedded in his body by recruiting the Lin Kuei clan. The grandmaster summons Lin Kuei members Smoke and Kuai Liang to Earthrealm to seek out Scorpion. They are shocked to learn that their missing peers had undergone neural cybernetic biomodifications in order to reinforce the clan, with the juniors expected to follow suit. Smoke and Sub-Zero rebel in response, with Sub-Zero being the only one who manages to depart successfully.

Raiden returns to his warriors at the Wuxi Temple after making plans to hold and participate in the tournament while relinquishing his immortality. Scorpion makes his presence known to Raiden once the Earthrealm warriors leave for Outworld. He talks about how the key to Shinnok’s prison was bound to his soul and how he came to Earthrealm’s protector for advise on what to do with it. Raiden explains that it is a key to untold power known as the Kamidogu, an ultimate magical relic from a bygone era that, if misused, may bring all realms to an end.

Cage is defeated by Kytinn warrior D’Vorah at the outset of the tournament; Sonya defeats D’Vorah and Li Mei; Kang defeats Jade; Stryker defeats Baraka; and Jax defeats Kintaro by pulling his arms out of their sockets.

In a dockside shipping yard on Earth, Scorpion is being followed by the now cybernetic Cyrax and Sektor. Sub-Zero interrupts the trio, but even he is outmatched by their superior upgrades, which are later supplemented by newcomer, the cybernetic Smoke. The three cyber Lin Kuei apprehend their Hellspawn prey and flee to the Temple of Elements after their opponents are overwhelmed. They force Hanzo to open the gate that leads to their treasure when they arrive at their location. They are interrupted once more by a spiteful Sub-Zero as they prepare to assassinate him once they have gained access to the gateway. Scorpion tries unsuccessfully to soothe Kuai Liang on his brother’s murder, but accepts to a temporary partnership against the Lin Kuei. The two are still no match for their robotic enemies, and as they acquire the relic, the rocky hall falls on them, leaving them for dead.

Lao and Stryker are killed by Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung in the second half of the final tournament. Instead of fighting Raiden, Kitana rebels against Kahn, only to be beaten into submission. Despite a setback, Kang beats Shang Tsung and spares him.

Within the Netherrealm, the Lin Kuei discover their boss, Shinnok, too late, and hear of his plan to resurrect the One Being and bring an end to all of existence, only to be betrayed and slaughtered for their efforts.

Raiden loses his battle against Shao Kahn and dies in the process during the tournament’s final stage, causing Kang to become enraged and defeat Kahn to win the tournament. Shinnok’s joy is short-lived, however, as he ultimately succeeds in resurrecting the One Being and absorbs its power, transforming into Corrupted Shinnok. Liu Kang engages in kombat with Shinnok with the help of the Elder Gods, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion, while Johnny, Jax, Kitana, and Sonya shield civilians from Kahn’s remaining troops.

Kang manages to absorb the One Being’s power and spread it back into splitting the realms into their previous states, including Edenia, in the aftermath of the conflict. Sonya and Johnny kiss one last time, and Liu and Kitana clasp hands in their hard-won peace. They have no idea that Raiden has been resurrected with his godhood, and that he is watching them from distance, leaving with lightning in the sky.