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  • Mar 24 2022
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The Adam Project

The Adam Project Plot

Fighter pilot Adam Reed steals his time jet and escapes across time on a rescue mission to 2018 in a dystopian 2050. However, he crashes into his 12-year-old self in 2022, who is dealing with the recent death of their father Louis in a vehicle accident, is bullied by Ray and Chuck, has been suspended from school for the third time for fighting, and has been estranged from his mother. Adam reluctantly enlists the help of his younger self to repair his plane, revealing that he is searching for his wife, Laura, who was allegedly killed in a crash while on a mission to 2018.

Maya Sorian, the dystopian world’s leader, and her subordinate Christos are pursuing the older Adam, attempting to arrest him and transport him back to 2050. The Adams are rescued by Laura, who tells that she was stranded in the past after escaping an assassination attempt. Sorian had went back in time and altered the past in order to gain control over time travel and the future, Laura had discovered.

Laura encourages the older Adam to return to 2018 and destroy time travel, which his father Louis invented, in order to correct the wrongs and rescue the future. Laura sacrifices herself to save the two Adams from Sorian’s onslaught. With only enough power for one time jump and being pursued by Sorian, Adam and his younger self jump back to 2018.

In 2018, the two Adams try to enlist Louis’ assistance, but he declines due to his concerns about the timestream’s scientific impact. When the younger Adam confronts his future self about his bitterness and fury, he learns that it stems from his unresolved grief over his father’s death. As the two prepare to attack Louis’ particle accelerator, Louis reconsiders and joins the mission, instructing them to retrieve the hard drive containing the only copy of his time travel code.

The particle accelerator is overloaded as a result of a conflict between the Adams, Louis, Sorian, her younger self, Sorian’s men, and Christos. Sorian tries to kill Louis with an armor-piercing bullet, but the accelerator’s magnetic field diverts it, killing the younger Sorian and wiping the future Sorian from existence as the Reeds flee.

Before the Adams are restored to their own eras, time travel is eliminated and the future is set right, Louis chooses not to learn of his own fate and instead plays catch with both versions of his kid. In 2022, Adam, now living in a future where his suspension never occurred, decides to let go of his rage and mend his connection with his mother, hugging her before leaving to school. Years later, a wiser and happier Adam encounters Laura for the first time in a circumstance that mirrors their initial encounter in the original reality.