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Emergency Plot

College students and best pals Sean and Kunle are about to make history by being the first black males to finish the “Legendary Tour,” which entails visiting seven frat parties in one night. They discover the comatose body of Emma, a young white woman, in their living room when they visit their Latino buddy Carlos. Sean claims that if they call the cops, their skin color will be enough to make them suspicious. Kunle persuades the group to transport Emma to a ten-minute drive away hospital. In the meantime, Emma’s sister Maddy, as well as her friends Alice and Rafael, begin looking for her.

The three pals try a second option first: dumping Emma’s body outside one of the gatherings. An incident causes some kids to chase Kunle off the campus and throw objects at their car, destroying a tail light as he leaves them to be the lookout. Emma’s position is tracked by Maddy via a phone tracking app. Carlos hands Emma a bottle of punch by accident. Sean is unable to persuade a family member to lend him his automobile. Emma regains consciousness and screams when she realizes she is inside a stranger’s car. She punches Kunle and smashes Carlos’ nose, causing the car to crash. When Emma flees into the woods, the three of them pursue her. As Maddy, Alice, and Rafael locate them, they locate her and return her to their van.

Maddy uses a branch to strike Sean and Kunle, pepper spraying herself in the process. Carlos and Rafael, who reveal that they are cousins, calm the rest of the group and explain the issue, though Maddy is doubtful and asks Emma if any of them abused her. When Carlos inquires about how they were able to locate Emma, Maddy discloses that her phone was tucked inside her bra, persuading the group that they were actually attempting to assist her. Sean leaves the group, terrified, and heads to the “Underground,” the “Legendary Tour’s” last frat party. As Carlos brings everyone to the hospital, Emma begins to overdose.

The trio is being pursued by the police, who assume they have kidnapped Emma, as Kunle performs CPR to save her life. Just as they arrive at the ER, they are halted by the cops. Kunle, the lone black man in the car, is threatened with a gun by the cops. Alice later tells the cops about the situation. Kunle and Carlos have been given permission to leave. Kunle is told by a white police officer that they should have just contacted the cops in the first place. Sean and Kunle reconcile and reconcile. Emma and Maddy deliver a gift box to their house the morning after the events, and Emma apologizes before Maddy urges her to wait outside. Kunle locks the door in Maddy’s face as she begins to read a scribbled apologies for involving the cops. At the sound of distant sirens, Sean finds Kunle showing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder while playing Jenga.