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Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky Plot

Jimmy Logan of West Virginia has been laid off from his job as a construction worker in the Charlotte Motor Speedway tunnels. Sadie, his daughter, lives with her mother, Bobbie Jo, and her new, wealthy husband, Moody. Sadie competes in beauty pageants, and her hair is done by Mellie, Jimmy’s hair stylist sister. Bobbie Jo and Moody intend to relocate to Lynchburg, where Moody will build a new dealership.

Jimmy visits a tavern run by his brother Clyde, who lost his lower arm in Iraq while fighting. Max Chilblain, the owner of a snobbish NASCAR team, makes fun of Clyde’s disability, which leads to a confrontation with Jimmy, with Clyde setting fire to Max’s car. The next day, Jimmy tells Clyde about his plan to rob the Speedway, using his knowledge of the Speedway’s underground pneumatic tube system to move the money.

Clyde and Jimmy enlist the help of their sister Mellie, Joe Bang, the jailed safecracker, and Joe’s dimwitted siblings Sam and Fish. Joe will be released from prison and returned later that day. Clyde inadvertently lands himself in jail on a petty crime. Mellie, Sam, and Fish infest the Speedway’s tube system with painted cockroaches, discovering which tubes lead to the vault with the help of a woman working at the vault. Jimmy runs across an old classmate, Sylvia, who gives him a tetanus vaccine inside her mobile clinic, which is in desperate need of funding. Jimmy discovers that the speedway’s construction is progressing ahead of schedule, requiring them to stage the theft a week earlier, during the considerably busier Coca-Cola 600 race on Memorial Day weekend.

Joe orchestrates a riot among his fellow inmates, resulting in a lockdown that conceals his and Clyde’s escape. Mellie arrives in a Ford Shelby GT350 that has been stolen from Moody. Sam and Fish blow up a cell tower at the speedway to block the credit card machines, forcing shopkeepers to accept only cash. Joe uses an explosive improvised from bleach, gummy bears, and a dietary salt substitute to blow open the gate from the tube to the vault. Clyde, Jimmy, and Joe enter the tube room, and Joe uses an explosive improvised from bleach, gummy bears, and a dietary salt substitute to blow open the gate from the tube to the vault. They attach the tube to a massive vacuum pump, sucking up all of the money and depositing it in rubbish bags. Security guards examine the explosion’s smoke, but Earl, one of Clyde’s bar clients, diverts their attention. Jimmy inadvertently reverses the vacuum’s direction, sucking Clyde’s prosthetic limb into the device. Sam and Fish are able to get the money out of the bank and into Jimmy’s pickup. Clyde is recognized by Chilblain on his way out and punches him, after which Clyde and Joe return to the prison disguised as firefighters. Jimmy arrives at his daughter’s pageant just in time to see her perform his favorite song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” after retrieving Clyde’s arm from the machine. Jimmy subsequently abandons the money and informs the authorities of its whereabouts in an anonymous manner.

The theft, branded “Ocean’s Seven-Eleven” in the press, is investigated by FBI agent Sarah Grayson. She suspects Jimmy, Clyde, and Joe, but she has no proof. The case is dropped after six months due to the prison warden’s refusal to report the riot, his angry and resentful race driver, Dayton White, rejecting Chilblain’s eyewitness testimony, and the racetrack president’s contentment with the money’s recovery and insurance payoff. When Joe gets out of prison, he discovers a garbage bag full of cash buried in his yard. The inmate who engineered the jail riot and the woman working at the vault each receive an envelope loaded with cash, while Sylvia receives an anonymous donation for her clinic.

Jimmy had filled extra garbage bags during the crime, which he stashed in the dump to recover later, unbeknownst to Joe and his brothers. Jimmy gladly reunites with Clyde, Mellie, Joe, and Sylvia at the bar now that he works at a Lowe’s store and has purchased a property near his daughter and ex-home. wife’s Grayson keeps an eye on the group and informs Clyde that she is new to the area but plans to stay for a while.