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  • 1h 46m
  • March 9, 2022
  • HD
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The Adam Project

The Adam Project Plot

In a dystopian 2050, fighter pilot Adam Reed steals a time jet to escape to 2018 to save his wife, Laura, who was ordered by Sorian to be assassinated. During his escape, he is injured and crash-lands in 2022, where he encounters his 12-year-old self, who has been suspended after being bullied in school, and is distant from his mother Ellie after the death of their father, Louis Reed in 2021. At first, Young Reed distrusts his future self, but realizes his existence when 2050 Adam mentions his life and his pet dog. 2050 Adam decides to bring his younger self along to find Laura in 2018 once his injuries are healed.

Both Adams are soon attacked by Maya Sorian, the leader of the dystopian world, and her assistant Christos, but are saved by Laura, who has faked her death and stayed off-grid in an unknown location. After briefly losing the pursuers, Laura and the Adams realize that after the invention of time travel by Louis and his subsequent death, Sorian has monopolized the discovery. Laura has learned Sorian frequently came and advised her 2018 self to secure her future wealth and power. Laura’s hideout is discovered by Christos; Laura holds them off while the two Adams escape, sacrificing herself as she is vaporized by Sorian. The Adams escape into 2018, where they visit Louis Reed and attempt to enlist his help, but Louis refuses out of concern for the effects on the time stream. Meanwhile, 2050 Sorian warns her 2018 self about Adam.

The following day, the two Adams set off to destroy the particle accelerator located underground at Sorian Technologies. where they come under attack by Sorian’s soldiers waiting for them, but are unexpectedly saved by Louis, who has changed his mind and agrees to guide them. He reveals that destroying the machine will not destroy time travel as long as Sorian has his algorithm with the math and constraints to control the process and decides to destroy the memory unit instead. Meanwhile, 2050 Sorian captures the younger Adam and holds him hostage as Louis and 2050 Adam remove a algorithm memory unit. 2050 Adam distracts Sorian and Christos enough for younger Adam to free himself but this results in damaging the electromagnetic seal around the accelerator, tearing the facility apart.

The Reeds manage to take out Christos after a lengthy fight, but the older Sorian threatens to kill Louis. Louis remains adamant and refuses to hand over the memory unit. Sorian shoots at Louis, but the armor-piercing bullet is altered by the electromagnetic field and hits 2018 Sorian instead, killing her and therefore wiping 2050 Sorian out of existence. The Reeds barely manage to escape the facility’s implosion and return home, where they reconcile by playing a game of catch before the Adams fade out and return to their respective timelines. In 2022, the younger Adam has not been suspended, has let go of his anger, and gives his mother a hug.

Sometime in the future, an older and much happier Adam meets Laura during a flight training lecture where she realizes, to Adam’s amusement, she has entered the wrong building on the campus. Adam offers to walk her to her building, stating that he has time, and they depart together.