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Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming Plot

Mr. Brown (David Mann) is getting ready to create a barbeque in Atlanta, Georgia, when he starts pouring too much gasoline in the grill. Joe (Tyler Perry) confronts Brown about it, but he doesn’t listen. Joe then walks to the kitchen, where Madea (also played by Tyler Perry) is, and they watch Brown setting himself on fire through the window, and he ends up burning a tree that Madea had just planted in the front yard.

Other family members, meantime, are preparing for Tim’s (Brandon Black) college graduation party. Later, Cora (Tamela Mann) brings groceries to Madea’s house, and the two begin discussing about how riots led buildings to burn down. Laura (Gabrielle Dennis) arrives to the house shortly after, accompanied by her friend Sylvia (Geneva Maccrone), who served as her lawyer during her divorce.

Later, Tim and his buddy Davi (Isha Blaaker) visit the party, as does Tim’s aunt Ellie (Candace Maxwell), who is dressed in her police outfit, which Joe confronts and instructs her to get rid of, adding that cops are criminals. She refuses at first, but then removes her police uniform to silence him.

After some time has passed, Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) arrives, claiming to be exhausted, but when she sees Davi and Tim, she gets back on her feet and starts hitting on them. Joe, on the other hand, informs her that he believes the two lads are gay.

Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) and her daughter Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) arrive at the party, and after a harsh gesture (performing the “Wakanda Forever” salute, assuming her hosts were actual Africans), Cora slams the door in their faces, but then opens it again, giving them a second chance. Madea grabs her scarf, lifts her up, and threatens her, perplexed as to why they are in the house (as well as Agnes’ joke about Madea’s size), but Davi explains that Agnes is his great-aunt. Agnes asks, “Why do you all look like you have your knickers in a bunch?” as she finds everyone is silently staring at her suspiciously. Madea, Joe, Bam, and everyone else mispronounce “knickers” as “niggers,” but she clarifies that “knickers” is underwear, even raising her skirt to demonstrate what knickers are.

They all go to Red Lobster for dinner, where Mr. Brown and Agnes have a fantastic time, but afterwards Mr. Brown claims his blood sugar levels are low, so Cora goes through Madea’s handbag and finds some sweets to present to Mr. Brown and Agnes. Madea returns from the bathroom, where she claimed there was a long line, and begins talking about her time as a stripper. Cora becomes irritated and reminds Madea that she wanted a nice dinner, not sitting and talking about stripping, and Madea responds by singing “Up,” demonstrating that the restaurant was full of strippers.

Joe showed up wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts and criticized Ellie for her profession as a cop. When Tim’s father, Richard (Amani Atkinson), places his hand on Madea’s arm to catch her attention after dinner, she fires her gun into the ceiling without warning, terrifying everyone and causing Joe defecate in his leather pants.

Later, while doing the dishes, Laura has a talk with Agnes, in which she explains that, as agreed, Davi will return to Ireland after graduation to take over his grandfather’s property. Laura, surprisingly, is perplexed by this.

Tim invites everyone to a major announcement in the backyard. He eventually comes out as gay, but no one is surprised; instead, they say they already knew and are proud of him. Then Sylvia discloses that she had been secretly dating Richard, which enrages Madea even more. She then orders Richard and Sylvia to leave because they are not blood relatives, but Richard refuses. Madea then pulls out her shotgun and threatens him, causing him to flee.

After a while, Cora notices Mr. Brown and Agnes acting strangely, and she assumes it’s because of his blood sugar. She tells Madea that she gave them some sweets from her handbag, and then Madea discloses that Cora gave Mr. Brown and Agnes marijuana. Mr. Brown, high on marijuana and dressed in his underwear with a bed sheet draped around his back, acts as the “Brown Panther” and dives off the roof, knocking himself out but still alive.

Laura and Ellie talk about what occurred with Richard and Sylvia later that night, and then Madea comes in and tells them about how her “roommate” Rosa Parks “supposedly” stole her boyfriend in 1955, inadvertently beginning the Montgomery bus boycott and the Civil Rights movement in general.

Agnes drops by Madea’s house the next morning to apologize for her behavior and beg for more of the chocolate-covered marijuana Madea had, explaining the energizing sense she had the day before. Madea confesses that the recipe is her own and that she is eager to share it with Agnes. Then they start hearing inappropriate music (Cardi B’s WAP) nearby and assume it’s Tim and Davi playing it, but it’s actually Bam’s phone. When Richard and Sylvia return to the cookout, and Madea arrives at the same moment, tensions build, and Joe predicts “all hell will break loose.”

Davi becomes enraged with Richard, which causes some of the family members to get confused. This leads to a fist fight, and Richard accidentally hits Laura. Davi asks if she’s all right, calling her “baby.” Davi admits that he has been dating Laura for two years, which enrages certain family members, particularly Tim. Davi even goes so far as to propose to Laura, but she declines.

Laura tells Ellie about how she and Davi met; she was visiting Tim in college, and while waiting for him with Davi, the two became drawn to each other and eventually began dating, but kept it a secret from Tim until graduation. Laura, on the other hand, is perplexed when she learns that Davi is returning to Ireland. Ellie then presses her on why she turned down Davi’s proposal. Meanwhile, Tim is playing basketball when Davi approaches him, apologizing, but Tim refuses to forgive Davi. Laura later goes to Madea to tell her about the turmoil at the BBQ. Madea assures her that she will be OK and apologizes. Laura then exits the room, sarcastically advising Madea to relax and enjoy her marijuana. Madea then approaches Tim and tries to get him to forgive Davi. Madea and her family are in the first row at the graduation, waiting for Tim to deliver his speech. Tim abruptly rips up his prepared speech and delivers a new one centered on his family, in which he apologizes to Davi and his mother Laura and thanks all of his family members for their love and support over the years; however, when Tim thanks his father Richard, Madea begins interrupting and insulting Richard. The family walks over to congratulate Tim and Davi after the graduation, and Tim tells Davi that he approves of him having a relationship with Laura. Davi then gets down on one knee and proposes to Laura once more, and she accepts. Agnes offers Davi her blessing to stay after seeing how much he loves Laura. Then he says that his grandfather doesn’t need to know, disclosing that he’s in jail for sleeping with a sheep in a motel. Agnes and Cathy are getting set to return to Ireland when Agnes goes to Madea to say goodbye and thank her for the recipe.

As the credits roll, Madea dresses up as Beyonce and sings “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a parody of her 2018 Coachella performance. She then imitates Mary J. Blige and performs some of her songs. After that, we watch a behind-the-scenes video of Madea (as Madea J. Blige) thanking the musicians and others for their contributions to the performance.

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